Photographer Petr Jedinak

Petr Jedinak in studio

Petr Jedinak in studio

Petr Jedinak (*1963)

Decadent Visual Artist

„True Art, in my understanding, should be classical, precise and well thought. I despise kitsch and leaving things half done. Art should also always take us a step forward, outside our comfort zones, trespassing them, if needed.“

A „decadent visual artist“ in my understanding seeks beauty where others dare not look, such as, in my case, in performances of body modification and erotic fetishes, as well as in privately commisioned intimate portraits encompassing a wide range ot subjects: women, couples, orgasms and bodies in rope bondage. After taking pictures for over 40 years and 30 years of service as a professional photographer, I believe there is very little left that I haven´t captured yet. My photographic adventures throughout that time encompassed settings as different as one could think of: morgues, births, prisons and brothels and a tiring number of celebrities whom I photographed as photographer-in-chief for Reflex magazine during its high period.

Vintage photography is what I consider my own kind of fetish. I use an authentic 1851 chemical process to create one-of-a-kind glass originals which remain unadulterated and exempt from the magic of digital post processing and retouche.

I exploit the full range of digital photography, however, for the purpose of an intimate, erotic reportage where the technical supremacy of modern camera allows me an to deliver an unabashed portrait of the model´s privacy.

I invite You to download my porfolio (brochure) below and contact my assistant Nora with any inquiries you may have:
+420 777 093 373

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